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Currently in beta testing, we expect to launch our new Crop Report SUPPLEMENT Series in late 2022.

You can find links below to sample reports.

But first, please check out "Five Key Things to Know" about these reports.

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Five Key Things to Know:

1) Built on a strong foundation. As the name suggests, the new reports supplement a county's annual crop report, in particular, its direct production values. They cover every single commodity a county produces, across all categories. They even follow the county crop report's color scheme.

2) Laser Focus on "Multiplier Effects." For each commodity listed in the county's annual crop report, the new report quantifies its indirect effect, induced effect, and total value. This captures agriculture's fuller economic role.

3) Based on the 2021 Crop Year. The new reports will use IMPLAN's 2021 multipliers when they become available in December, 2022. Thus, they cover the same year as annual crop reports that counties published in mid- to late 2022.

4) Price is 50% Lower. The new reports are shorter and easier to produce than a traditional Crop Report PLUS study. They cost half as much.

5) Preliminary Samples Available. Click on the county names below to view draft reports, in PDF. These are not commissioned studies, but rather initial mock-ups, in progress, to show what a report would contain.


Links to Preliminary Sample Reports:

  • MONTEREY: "Special Report: Economic Multiplier Effects of Monterey County Agriculture 2020" (click here)

  • NAPA: "Special Report: Economic Multiplier Effects of Napa County Agriculture 2020" (click here)

  • IMPERIAL: "Special Report: Economic Multiplier Effects of Imperial County Agriculture" (COMING SOON)

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