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Crop Report PLUS


our popular flagship reports

Key Features & Benefits:

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Comprehensive Core Analysis: Standard reports cover four main topics that give readers unprecedented insights into local agriculture:

     1) Direct Farm Production

     2) Local Food Processing

     3) Employment

     4) Multiplier Effects

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Options for Deeper Analysis: Four optional features offer stakeholders even deeper understanding:

   1) Economic Diversification (Resilience) Index

   2) Ecosystem Services Valuation

   3) Sub-Region Analysis

   4) Industry Rankings

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Flexible Design: Clients can add a cover letter, a logo, and other personal touches. They can also have our graphic designer give the report a polished, professional look and feel.

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Generates Original, New Data: Entails a high level of effort that creates primary data, especially for local food processing.

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High Level of Detail. Reports average 16 to 24 pages in length.

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