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We provide in-depth economic analysis of California agriculture that helps leaders from government agencies, industry groups, non-profit organizations and the general public make informed decisions.


We research and write reports that use econometric modeling and other  tools to shed light on agriculture's fuller economic value. They quantify not just direct output (cash receipts), but also employment, local food processing, and economic multiplier effects. 


Since 2012, our studies have given thousands of readers deeper understanding of local agriculture's economic role. A wide variety of stakeholder use them. Please click on the link below to access more than twenty sample reports.


Government officials, industry representatives, and other audiences place high value on our reports. They often speak publicly about them in the news media and elsewhere. For a sample of their public comments, click on the link below.


The Shift toward Precision

Food production has shifted to "precision agriculture" that uses drones, satellites, sensors and other modern technologies to make production more efficient and effective. The field of economics has embraced precision, too.


We no longer need to quantify agriculture with a single, blunt, measure: "market value" based on cash receipts. That measure has served well for a century, but we can go beyond it now. 

Modern econometric tools empower us to be more efficient and effective in how we measure agriculture's value. This new precision, in turn, leads to deeper insights and better decisions.



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